Ashendon Recruitment has proudly partnered with JobsAware!

JobsAware provide free and independent advice on how to protect individuals’ rights as temporary workers.

JobsAware is a brand of of SAFERjobs, which started as a Metropolitan Police fraud forum established in 2008. Since its inception, they have helped over 2million people to stay safe at work. In 2017 the employment minister said that 10% of job seekers had fallen victim to a scam. By 2020 and the midst of Covid, employment scams had risen by 65% and these figures continue to rise into 2024.

JobsAware ​was launched in 2021 as the UK’s number one platform for protecting worker rights, working closely with BEIS, the Home Office, HMRC, law enforcement, DBS and other partner organisations.

Ashendon Recruitment are keen to demonstrate our support to stamp out scams and labour market abuse so joined JobsAware’s partner program in March 2024.

By being a partner, we are committed to the JobsAware partner principles, and you’ll see the jobsaware logo on our website linking directly JobsAware ​for anyone seeking advice or looking to report scams or mistreatment of workers.

  • Any workers that have concerns about their employment or engagement will be referred to JobsAware.
  • Any suspected abuses of worker rights will be reported to JobsAware.
  • We are encouraging organisation that we work with to also partner with JobsAware.
  • We will share our insights or recommendations on labour market threats and how to respond to them, so they can be highlighted to UK Government through JobsAware Expert Forums​.


If you have concerns that you may have been victim to an employment scam or you need advice about your rights, temporary working, or safe job seeking then you can access JobsAware by clinking the logo here.

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