Premier League Managers: Who will be the new recruits?

Premier League Managers: Who will be the new recruits?

Football is a game that many can relate to, even a recruitment company, because the recent sacking of much famed Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has left people wondering who will take his job. The ex-manager of the club had won three titles with them proving that he was a special manager but unfortunately, with a rocky start to this season, there was little room for sympathy. This leaves you wondering, what does it take to be an all-time great football manager? Perhaps Alex ferguson is one of the few living examples in the premier League, though his club- Manchester United- may also be recruiting soon as their current manager hasn’t had many good games to date this season.

So, when recruiting a new football manager for an all-star premier league team such as Manchester United or Chelsea, what do you look for? What interview questions, if any, would you pose for the job position of a ‘Premier League Manager’?

Have you been the manager of other clubs previously?

During rough times in a season, how have you coped?

Name your best ‘managing tactic’?

What would you consider to be your best achievement in football, managing or on the pitch?

With these in mind, perhaps make a guess at the next person to become chelsea manager, and whether their job role is really significant to a team like Chelsea getting back to their A-game. Maybe Mourinho will be back at the club again one day.